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Clergy and activists protest new immigration law (NJ Ledger)

Immigrant advocates protest fingerprint-sharing program they say will increase deportations with a “Jericho Walk” by religious leaders and community activists. Stuart Sydenstricker sounds a Caracol, a shell that is a symbol of justice in Latin America, before the group circled the Radino Federal building 7 times and said a prayer each time. (JENNIFER BROWN /The Star-Ledger)

Photos of May Day in Los Angeles, CA

Well over 200 thousand marched in Downtown Los Angeles and peacefully demanded immigration reform in 2010 and to condemn criminalization and racial profiling by Arizona SB 1070. At the corner of Olympic and Broadway people began congregating as early as 6 am. It took people 4 hours to walk from the beginning point to the end of the march at Broadway and Temple. It was just a one massive sea of people and a powerful rally that ended at 2:00 pm.

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Video and Photos of March 2010 Hearing in Washington, DC

On March 19, 2010 nearly 200 people packed the Metropolitan Police Oversight Hearing at the DC District Council with “Moratorium Now” stickers and signs that read “Stop the Failed Secure Communities” program. Their questions and testimonies uncovered the truth on a failed program that threatened to erode public trust, hurt community policing efforts, open the door for racial profiling, and overturn the city’s rich history and pro-immigrant policies.  Through their strong organizing and advocacy they were able to delay the program’s implementation. This marked a partial victory in their campaign to completely reject the program in their city.

These efforts are the work of a broad coalition that includes labor, civil rights, community, immigrant, domestic violence and faith groups. Some participating groups: DC Jobs with Justice, The Latino Federation, Empower DC, Latino Action Coalition of DC, National Capitol ACLU, Different Avenues,  Rights Working Group, DC Latino Caucus, The Latino Association of Mt Pleasant, Mil Mujeres Legal Services, Mary’s Center for Maternal and Child Care, CARECEN, DC Trans Coalition, Capital Area Immigrants’ Rights Coalition, National Immigration Project, National Day Laborer Organizing Network and over 100 community and civil rights organizations.

Friday’s hearing you can be watched here:

Fox news report. Begin watching at minute 1:35 to 2:24.

Photos from hearing (Photo credit: Pabitra Benjamin):

After Arizona Immigration Law, Activists See Local Problem (City Limits)

A week after Arizona enacted a law permitting local police to stop people they suspect are undocumented immigrants, advocates across the country are drawing attention to a related issue: the federal government’s ongoing efforts to nudge other police and sheriff’s departments policies closer to Arizona’s.

By 2013, the U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) expects to enroll every jail in America in a network that allows the agency to find and detain undocumented immigrants who have been arrested.

Nearly 150 jails (including New York City’s jail system) are already in enrolled in the program. And now, advocates allege in a lawsuit filed today, federal authorities are refusing to release information needed to protect arrestees’ civil rights. Since 2008, the program—Secure Communities—has misidentified more than 5,800 arrested U.S. citizens as undocumented workers, the lawsuit says.

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This is a collection of photos and images from the work advocates, supporters, and individuals have been accomplishing around the ICE and Secure Communities initiatives.

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