Providence City Council Passes Resolution Against Secure Communities

On March 3, 2011 the full Providence City Council passed an Anti-Secure Communities resolution recommended by the Providence City Council’s Committee on Ordinances. Providence City Councilor Seth Yurdin, who is the Chairman of the Committee on Ordinances, brought the resolution through the committee on ordinances raised it tonight. Rhode Island Jobs with Justice and the RI ACLU testified at the Committee on Ordinances hearing and tonight RI JwJ mobilized our members from UNITE HERE Local 217, Direct Action for Rights and Equality, Laborers Local 271 and the RI Unemployed Workers Council.

See item # 35

Transmits the Following with Recommendation the Same be Approved,
As Amended:
35. Resolution Expressing Concern with the “Secure Communities” Initiative
being implemented by United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Division of the Department of Homeland Security, and requesting a review
of the program by the Providence Public Safety Commissioner, and the
Chief of the Providence Police Department.”