CASA de Maryland Protest

Recently Prince George County decided to participate in the failed “Secure Communities” program. The protest was sparked by the case of 26 year-old Florinda Fabiola Lorenzo- Desimilian of Gables Residence, who was arrested last Tuesday for selling $2 telephone cards without a license in her home, taken into custody leaving her 13 month old baby, 5 year-old and 10 year old in the custody of her parents, and subsequently transferred to ICE custody by the County.

“Maryland mom may face deportation” (Washington Post)
On Monday night, CASA of Maryland staged a protest outside the Prince George’s County jail. About 60 members of the county’s Latino community are calling attention to Lorenzo-DeSimilian’s case. They’re blaming correctional officials for sending her fingerprints to the FBI, Fox 5 reports.
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“Lawmakers protest possible deportation of Langley Park mother” (Maryland Gazette)
A protest is planned Monday to fight the possible deportation of a 26-year-old Langley Park mother who was arrested for selling phone cards without a license from her home.

“She’s not a threat,” said Del. Victor Ramirez (D-Dist. 47) of Cheverly. “Should you really be deporting a non-violent mother of three? There are much bigger problems we could be using our resources for.”

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