Petition: "End S-Comm! Don't Mend It"

End S-Comm, Don’t Mend it!

The Pledge:

I pledge to break ICE’s hold on my community and my country. I will continue to demand that the federal government end the in-Secure Communities program that has deported over 169,000 mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers, and threatened the public safety of us all. I will demand that my local and state governments refuse to be deportation pipelines. I will urge my local and state officials to adopt policies to deny ICE access to individuals and deny voluntary ICE holds requests. I will ask them to rebuild trust. I will not stop.

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White House at 202-456-1111

Sample Script:

“My name is [insert name]. I am calling from [insert city, state]. I know that the Administration is announcing changes to the “Secure Communities” deportation program any day now. I want to ask the Administration to “end, not mend” this controversial program. S-Comm has damaged public safety, created fear in our communities, and deported thousands of our family members and friends. We urge the President to abandon his legacy of deportation and end the program immediately.”