If we can overcome our fear, so can anyone (No Papers No Fear)

If we can overcome our fear, so can anyone

By Natally Cruz

I’ve been here half of my life.  I could say most of my life I’ve been here in Arizona.  My parents brought me here for a better life.  I have a son who I think deserves the same that my parents wanted for me.

My name is Natally Cruz.  I am 24 years old. I’ve been in the United States for sixteen years.  I have a seven year old son and I live with my aunt and uncle.

Once I graduated from high school, I was unable to go to school.  I was unable to work because I didn’t have a social security number.

I got involved with Puente two years ago when SB1070 started.  What made me really want to get involved was the part that we could be discriminated against just by the color of our skin. 

To me, it was really important to learn about the health issues because most of our community members do not have insurance to be able to help themselves if they get sick or something. The basic that we learned was like the high blood pressure, how to take it ourselves.



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