PETITION: Keep Montgomery County Safe from So-Called “Secure Communities” Program!

PETITION: Keep Montgomery County Safe from So-Called “Secure Communities” Program!

A human rights crisis is looming in Montgomery County, MD.

Imagine calling the cops because your boyfriend is beating you, and then being ordered deported from the country you call home! This is exactly what happened to Maria Bolaños under the so-called “Secure Communities” program in Maryland.

Now, as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) ramps up deportations — in tireless pursuit of its yearly quotas — it is seeking to activate its controversial program in our County.

Supposedly meant to help local police “get dangerous convicted criminals off the streets and out of the country,” the “Secure Communities” program has been largely sweeping up immigrants who pose no threat to the community. The reality is that most people deported from Maryland under “Secure Communities” have never committed a crime.

By targeting hard-working immigrants—like domestic violence victim Maria Bolaños—this program is needlessly destroying Maryland families and severing trust residents once had in their local police, who depend on community members to report crimes and nab real criminals.

That’s why the Montgomery County Council, under the leadership of Valerie Ervin and Nancy Navarro, has introduced a resolution against the dangerous program. According to Navarro, “It opens the door to racial profiling. It opens the door for victims of crime to be afraid of coming forward. This is not the Montgomery County we are proud of.”

Right now, anti-immigrant groups are already mobilizing their members against the resolution. It’s time to fight back!

Sign the petition and help us send the message to our local county officials that we FULLY SUPPORT THE RESOLUTION AGAINST THIS DISCREDITED ICE PROGRAM!