Letter to Office of Inspector General of DHS

Full Letter from NDLON, Cardozo Immigration Justice Law Clinic and CCR to the Office of the Inspector General of the Dept. of Homeland Security (PDF)


Dear Inspector General Edwards and Assistant Inspector General Richards:

…Enclosed are three disks containing documents we received through FOIA litigation, which we share as a resource for your investigation. This letter provides a guide to key documents…We have organized the letter and key documents according to topics we believe are essetnial to any thorough review of Secure Communities: (A) racial profiling, (B) the opt-out controversy and the legal authority to compel local participation, (C) the expansion of Secure Communities beyond its stated target of serious criminals, (D) privacy concerns and the role of the FBI, (E) impact on vulnerable populations, (F) costs at the state and local level, (G) the role of sub-contractors, and (H) the significance of modifications announced by ICE on June 17, 2011…”