ICE Releases Toolkit for Prosecutors

Recently released from ICE, passed on by the National Immigrant Justice Center:

Download Toolkit for Prosecutors (PDF)

Press Release About Toolkit (PDF)

“ICE is pleased to announce the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) roll out of the new “Prosecutor Tool Kit”, a resource aimed at making it easier for prosecutors to navigate through immigration issues when dealing with criminal cases.

The creation of the Prosecutor Tool Kit represents the first time that ICE has provided a single-source document for the justice community providing in-depth details regarding the prosecutorial process, procedures, and practices.

ICE created the Prosecutor Tool Kit because the agency recognizes that situations arise wherein our federal and state prosecutor partners may benefit from having a foreign national remain in the United States for a period of time to assist with an ongoing investigation. Additionally, ICE understands that there may be situations when a prosecutor requires the presence of an alien witness or victim and that individual currently resides outside of the United States.

The following are Prosecutor Tool Kit highlights:

· Accessibility: The Tool Kit will be posted to ICE’s website ( in a prominent location available for downloading.

· Ease of Use: The Tool Kit offers a clear outline of topics allowing users to key word search or link directly to a topic.”

· Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs were developed to create an outline of the tool kit; forming a topical and sensible approach to prosecutor questions.

· ICE Contact Information: For each topic, the tool kit provides the contact reference or office for further inquiries.